Always Community Minded!

Community Song Fest - Standing Room Only!

Cars Had To Park Down On The Next Block!

Make It An "Excellent Day" For

Your Family & Your Community!

God  Loves You!  So Do We!

Pray For God To Bless America!

Korg  Keyboard allowed me to save 

my raw vocals - just sitting at the piano.  

I wanted to try a sample recording to

see what  it would sound like.  

I put both piano and  a little vocal down in "one take".   

 This  one is not my  songwriting .  

I simply wanted to hear what a Korg keyboard would do!  Just me, being me

- and sharing.   :-)   CCLI Member 


                   - Chaplain Cathy -

  • Lord Send The Rain MP30:41

It's OK! Enjoy The Moment ...

Laughter Is Good Medicine & 

Singing Is Joy For The Soul !

This Is The First Fun Clue:

   You Found Us !  LOL !

  Ahhhh Yes ...  I Need To Lose

This Stress!  That's More Like It!

Chaplain Cathy Says: 

Be Comfy: Wear Your Jeans & Boots - Worship Is Great!

         Our Theme:  Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. 

  • Pastor Cathy, has been a Volunteer Chaplain and Community Singer for many years.  She gives back to the community with music and drama and plays a beautiful keyboard while leading a great blend of music that you will be able to sing along with!  It's no fun if we can't all participate! So, you'll be happy you came! 


  • She is a comforter and a helper.  You'll feel the love and be
  • glad you are a part of "Our Family" and "Our Community!" 

  • Renew Your Life, hopes and dream again - this Sunday with us
  • before you start another work-week. Laugh, cry and learn with us, we're family!  When you come in, you'll immediately be a part
  • of our fellowship ... 
  • We want you to be with us, to be comfortable and to be LOVED!