Make It An "Excellent Day" For

Your Family & Your Community!

God  Loves You!  So Do We!

Pray For God To Bless America!

It's OK!  Enjoy The Moment !

Laughter Is Good Medicine & 

Singing Is Joy For The Soul !

    The First Fun Clue ... 

   You Found Us!  L-O-L !

  Ahhhh ...  I Need To Lose My

  Stress!  That's More Like It!

          Chaplain Cathy Says: 

Be Comfy: Wear Your Jeans & Boots - Worship Is Great!

         Our Theme:  Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. 

  • Pastor Cathy, has been a Volunteer Chaplain and Community Singer for many years.  She gives back to the community with music and drama and plays a beautiful keyboard while leading a great blend of music that you will be able to sing along with!  It's no fun if we can't all participate! So, you'll be happy you came! 


  • She is a comforter and a helper.  You'll feel the love and be
  • glad you are a part of "Our Family" and "Our Community!" 

  • Renew Your Life, hopes and dream again - this Sunday with us
  • before you start another work-week. Laugh, cry and learn with us, we're family!  When you come in, you'll immediately be a part
  • of our fellowship ... 
  • We want you to be with us, to be comfortable and to be LOVED!  

Always Community Minded!

Community Song Fest!  Standing Room Only!

Cars Had To Park Down The Next Block!

Korg  Keyboard allowed me to save 

my raw vocals - just sitting at the piano.  

I wanted to try a sample recording to

see what  it would sound like.  

I put both piano and  a little vocal down in "one take".   

 This  one is not my  songwriting .  

I simply wanted to hear what a Korg keyboard would do!  Just me, being me

- and sharing.   :-)   CCLI Member 


                - Chaplain Cathy  Ray -

  • Lord Send The Rain MP30:41